Week #9 – Doing My Best

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Hello! For week #9, I had a few topic options. We could write about visiting overseas, a global issue, family, or your future. So for this post, I decided to write about my future. This would be stuff like what college I might go to, and what job I might get.

First, let me start off with jobs. I am not really dead set on one job, but I have some ideas in mind. One job I might want to do when I grow up is to become a veterinarian. I really love animals, and it sounds like a great job. Another job option is being a kindergarten teacher. I love little kids, and I love teaching people new things. The third job I have considered is being a hairstylist. I would start of working for someone else, and would aim for one day owning my own saloon.

Of course, before I get a job, a need to go to college. Since I already have a few jobs in mind, I am narrowing it down to three colleges that I would want to go to. One of the options is OSU. Not only is this a good college in general, but I could head towards my job of becoming a veterinarian. Another option is UO( university of Oregon ). This one isn’t for a specific job option of mine, but I would still really like to go there. Plus, Iยดm a major Ducks fan! The last college I have been thinking about is Northwest College beauty school. Of course, this would be in the case of me wanting to be a hairstylist.

In the future, I don’t exactly know where I will live. I might live in a dorm, or even with my parents. Most likely a dorm. I would probably have a part time job during collage, so I could save money for a place of my own. Of course, if I did stay with my parents, it would not be for very long. Maybe until half way through college.

Like I said at the beginning, I am not entirely sure what I want for my future, but I have a pretty good idea of it. Luckily, I still have about 4 more years until I have to worry about it!

Week #8 – Game Time

Hello! For this post, I played a blogging game, and visited three blogs. The game works by going to a blog, and going to another blog that you find on blog’s blogroll, and then do that one more time. Finally, you look at the third blog, and comment on one of there posts. This was really fun, and I did it three times.

The first blog I went to was Haley’s blog. I went to her blogroll, and found Darianna’s blog. Finally, I went to her blogroll, and I found Lily’s blog. Her last post was about donuts. She talked about how much she liked them, and the weird types of donuts there are. I told her that I really liked her post, and then asked what her favorite type of donut is.

Then I started over. I went to Destiny’s blog, and went to her blogroll, or as she calles it, “besties”. Then I clicked on Sadie’s blog. It was really neat and organized, and I quickly found her blogroll. Next, I clicked on Kari’s blog. I read her post on bowling. She is really good, and participates in competitions. I asked her where her favorite place to bowl is.

Then I did it one more time. I did the usual process, and ended up getting to Sadie’s blog. She wrote an amazing poem on her blog, on how she writes poems. It was amazing. I told her this, and I also told her that I would love for her to write more.

Week # 6 – Food & Culture


Hello! For this post, I am going to talk about one of my favorite foods. Just thinking about them makes me hungry. Cupcakes. I love cupcakes; a lot. There are so many types of cupcakes. It starts out with the regular flavors. such as chocolate, vanilla, and sometimes even carmel. Then you get into the exciting flavors. Some examples are cake batter, maple, fudge, black cherry, and tons more.

My favorite kind of cupcake is pink lemonade. It usually has pink frosting, that has both the flavor of sugary sweetness and lemonade. Then the restnof the cupcake usually has a light, fluffy feeling with a slight hint of lemon. Not enough to give you a sour face; the perfect amount. My mouth is literally watering as I type. My favorite pink lemonade cupcakes are made by my aunt, who loves to cook all the time.

The other thing about cupcakes, is that they are really easy to eat. It always comes in a pretty wrapper, so your hand don’t get messy(usually). And since they are basically the size of your hand, they are easy to carry around. I also love cupcakes because they are pretty. It has a pretty wrapper, with a perfect swirl of frosting placed on top. And the ones I get usually also either have sprinkles on them, or a candy swirl placed in the side of the frosting.

Week #5 – Images & Sound

Grey Wolf Jordan Crowe via Compfight

For this post, I am going to talk about the time me and my friend NEARLY DIED. Okay, so maybe that’s a bit of an overreaction, but it could of happened.

Last year, me and my friend Marina went to a camp called JH ranch. This camp was sort of in the middle of the woods in Etna, California. We slept in cabins, and had a huge open cafeteria area in the middle of the camp. And of course there was a stable, a pool, a lake, and a whole bunch of other places that were lead by trails. The hard part was the cabins were scattered way deeper into the woods, and were really hard to find.

On the second night of camp, Marina and I went to dinner with our cabin group. We finished early, and were extremely bored. Of coarse, it was Marina’s intelligent idea to sneak out of the cafeteria go look for something to do. We ended up finding a nearby room, connected to the cafeteria that had two big pianos. We sat there for a while, and played the pianos. We must of lost track of time, because when I looked out the window, it was dark outside. I started to panic when I realized that I didn’t hear the usual buzz of everyone talking that always fills the cafeteria. When I told Marina, we ran out and checked, to make sure nobody was left. Surely enough, it was completely empty.

Just great. On only our second day, we were already lost. We had no idea which way the cabin was, and there were so many trails. Then I remembered, at the beginning of camp we were all warned to not stay outside by ourselves at night, because there had been many sightings of wild dogs and wolves. They said we would be safe as long as we stayed with our cabin. Marina and I got out our flash lights, and turned them on. We decided to first head to the trail closest to us and see where it leads to. We started walking down the trail, when I thought I saw something coming toward us. I couldn’t really see through the trees, but I assumed it was a person. We walked a bit faster.

As soon as we turned the corner, we stopped. Standing ten feet away from us, were two big dogs, not too big but surely not small. They also stood there, completely still. Once the shock wears off, we scream and run the other way. Marina and I kept running until we reach the complete opposite side of the cafeteria, where there is another trail that we decided to try. The trail led us to a cabin, but not the right one. Thankfully, the cabin’s leader knew where our cabin was and took us there.

Week #4 – My World

Amsterdam in the Autumn ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ farflungistan via Compfight

Hello! For week four, I decided to write about a place I really want to visit. I don’t travel much, and I would love that to change. The only places I have ever been are California, and Florida. But if I were to go traveling, this would be the first place on my list.

Anyway, that place is Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a beautiful place in North Holland, filled with beautiful buildings, beautiful canals, and looks to be stuck in the 17th century. There are many tourists attractions such as the canal ring, the Rijksmuseum, the Begijnhof, and lots more. The weather is usually pretty cool, and in the summertime, the sky turns a bright blue as all the tree blossom petals fall everywhere around you. I originally discovered Amsterdam in the book The Fault In Our Stars, and I immediately fell in love with the place.

My plan is once I get old enough to travel by myself, I will go to Amsterdam. I would go with my best friend, Lily. One of the first things I would do is visit the Anne Frank house. Yes, the Anne Frank house is ACTUALLY IN AMSTERDAM. Maybe that shows you how cool Amsterdam is. The canals are so beautiful; I would probably take a canal tour if I went to Amsterdam.

Well, know you know why I love Amsterdam so much. That is all I know about Amsterdam, but I would love to learn more about it. If you would like to learn more about Amsterdam, you could visit http://www.amsterdam.info/basics/, or http://www.amsterdamtourist.info/numbers-trivia-interesting-facts-amsterdam/. I hope you liked this post!

Week #2 – I Can Comment

by https://www.pinterest.com/lassie09/the-mind-of-a-writer/

Hello! For this post, I will be talking about a couple amazing blogs I have visited. I looked at four blogs; and I loved all of them. The first one I blog I visited is Lila’s blog. She wrote a poem about a pair of shoes. Honestly, I didn’t really know what to think when I aw she made a poem called Shoe Poem, but it looked interesting. It was an amazing poem. She put so much detail into it, talking about every single detail of a pair of golden wedges. I thought that it was really cool.

The next blog I visited belonged to London. I read “Test-Part 7 – Falling”. It was about her falling into a dream of her and her dad; a memory. Then it changes, and she is all alone. The story ended with, well, you read that for yourself. It was pretty long and thorough, which I really liked. When it is really detailed, it is easy to picture in your head, and understand. It looks like she has the other “tests” in other poems that I would love to read.

Another blog I liked was Lily’s blog. And no, I did not pick this blog because she has the same name as me! Lily wrote a very inspiring for girls, called “Are Girls Too Pressured To Have The Perfect Body?”. She wrote about how a lot of teenage girls are pressured to be really skinny. She talked about how girls should except their selves. There were plenty of links in case anyone didn’t know what some of the disorders, like bulimia are. I thought that her post was really cool.

The last blog I visited was really cool. This blog was Evie’s. Her blog set up was really cool, and she has a lot of posts. I read a post of hers called “My Name”. She explained what her name meant, and why she got it. I thought this was a unique and interesting subject for a post. I loved all these blogs, and if you visit any of them, you will too. I hope you liked this post!

Week#1 – My Avatar Post


Hello everyone! For this weeks post, I created a brand new avatar for my blog. I decided to change my avatar for this week’s post, because it hasn’t been updated for a while. For this new avatar, I decided to use a different website, chibimaker, and I loved it. My new avatar has paler skin than my old one, because, well, I’m more pale now. And I have long blonde hair, which is sort of hanging in front of my face; as usual. My hair isn’t actually this blonde, but the website gave me no other option. I still like it though! I gave myself blue eyes with a tint of grey in them. My eyes actually change from a blue/grey to a blue/green, depending on what season it is.

I gave my new avatar a cool looking purple t-shirt because purple is my favorite color. And also, because I just thought the shirt looked cool. My avatar is wearing a short white skirt, because I own one like it that I really like. I have a pair of pink headphones on because I really love music. I honestly do not know why I didn’t put headphones on my other avatar, but I am glad I put them on this one. I also gave myself a blue Ipod, which you can’t see very well because my hair covers it. I chose this for my avatar because I have one just like it, it’s also the same color. I am wearing a pair of grey boots, because they look like my favorite pair of high-heeled boots that I wear a lot.

That is literally the entire explanation of why I chose this avatar. I hoped you liked this post; if not, too bad. Bye!

Week #9 – My Nominations!

I have chosen to nominate one wonderful blog this week. I have visited this blog multiple times, and I think that they have a great chance of winning an award this year!

The person I chose to nominate is Ella. Ella’s blog is filled with amazing stories. She updates her blog frequently, which is appreciated. Her stories bring you to whatever place she is writing about, which is really cool. Overall, her blog great and is well put together, which is why I nominated her for Best Student Blog.

You can nominate to! Click here to nominate a blog you think deserves to be awarded! Thanks for reading!

Week #8 – The Great Thanksgiving Listen

For the Thanksgiving Listen, I interviewed my step dad Eddie in Springfield. I chose to interview my step dad because he has never really told me about his childhood. Plus, we aren’t ever really in touch with his side of the family, so I don’t know much about them either. The interview was about 40 minutes long. I mainly asked Eddie about his childhood, his first job, his personality as a kid, and about five other questions.

The Interview:

Lillian: Who was your biggest role Eddie?

Eddie: My biggest role model… Well it was probably my grandma Dottie. In all of my life, she was the person who showed me how to be truly selfless. She lived in Nevada, but would travel nearly half way across the country to be their for the people that needed her, like me and my family.

Lillian: What was your first job as a teenager?

Eddie: To be honest, my first job was flipping burgers at McDonald’s! It was actually really fun. I mainly got to just hang out with my friends and listen to music while I worked.

My step dad was really happy that I chose him to interview. I learned a lot about him, like when he was a kid, his favorite place to go during the summer was a water park called Water World. Even though the interview took 40 minutes, it only felt like five. It has changed the way I look at my step dad. That was my interview for the Thanksgiving Listen!

Week #7 – The Purrrfect Animal

Adorable kittenCreative Commons License Tambako The Jaguar via CompfightHelloOOooo ! Suzanne Bouron via Compfight

I love all animals, but I especially love cats. I have two tabbie cats, and their names are Isabell and Zoey. I love cats for so many reasons that I can’t list all of them, but I’m going to try anyway- here it goes. The first reason I love cats is because they are freaking adorable. Even you cat haters out there have to admit that most cats are pretty cute. Their big round eyes, their usually soft fluffy fur, how could anybody not think cats are adorable?
Another reason I love cats is because they are great companions. Sometimes, my cat Isabell will sit next to me, just staring at me for literally an hour straight. To be honest, it’s sort of creepy. My other cat Zoey doesn’t stare at me like that, and she is great company. When you need it most, if you have a cat, it usually seems to find you.
The third reason I love cats is because they do really funny things. Things like getting their head stuck in a bag they shoved their head in, or running into a window, thinking there was nothing in their way. Honestly, cats are not that smart but at least they are really funny! Anyway, those are just a few reasons I love cats. Based on this post, you might think that I’m going to turn into one of those crazy cat ladies, but don’t worry I won’t!