Week #7 – The Purrrfect Animal

Adorable kittenCreative Commons License Tambako The Jaguar via CompfightHelloOOooo ! Suzanne Bouron via Compfight

I love all animals, but I especially love cats. I have two tabbie cats, and their names are Isabell and Zoey. I love cats for so many reasons that I can’t list all of them, but I’m going to try anyway- here it goes. The first reason I love cats is because they are freaking adorable. Even you cat haters out there have to admit that most cats are pretty cute. Their big round eyes, their usually soft fluffy fur, how could anybody not think cats are adorable?
Another reason I love cats is because they are great companions. Sometimes, my cat Isabell will sit next to me, just staring at me for literally an hour straight. To be honest, it’s sort of creepy. My other cat Zoey doesn’t stare at me like that, and she is great company. When you need it most, if you have a cat, it usually seems to find you.
The third reason I love cats is because they do really funny things. Things like getting their head stuck in a bag they shoved their head in, or running into a window, thinking there was nothing in their way. Honestly, cats are not that smart but at least they are really funny! Anyway, those are just a few reasons I love cats. Based on this post, you might think that I’m going to turn into one of those crazy cat ladies, but don’t worry I won’t!

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